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Staying Sane

June 24, 2013

Define Crazy

     When I sit down to write a blog, I think I know the direction it’s going to go.

Scraps of inspiration

Scraps of inspiration

Sometimes, I jot down ideas on the back of a receipt, to-do list, or whatever scrap of paper I have in my purse. Then when I get to my computer, it’s just a matter of deciphering my writing and filling in the idea. Other times, I have the essence of the blog in my head and hope I get to my computer quickly. After all, that idea could escape my brain along with the reason why I walked into a room.

     Then there are the times the inspiration is right next to me. Last night my kidlet asked what I was going to write. I told her it was going to be about how I need to start saying no to people. This is the conversation that ensued.

          A: “But isn’t it a good thing to help people?”

          Me: “Definitely, but if I say yes to too many things, it makes me go crazy and it’s not fair to you and Daddy.”

          A: “You don’t act crazy.”

          Me: “Really?!”

          A: “No. Besides, is crazy a bad thing?”

          Me: (something to the effect of) “Uh. Uh. Um.”


She knows it’s good to help people.

She doesn’t think I’m crazy. Yay!

I must be really good at hiding my craziness or maybe I’m not crazy.


The poor dear has no point of reference for craziness.

I have to define good and bad crazy.

    Do we save for college or therapy?


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