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March 16, 2014

Naked and Afraid

     As I’m in bed, naturally reading a highbrow literary masterpiece (or Facebook), my husband comes to bed and turns on the TV. Being the honorable Christian woman I am, I never, not once, sneak a peak, or downright watch some of the questionable shows he turns on. That would be wrong, right? Who would watch a show such as Naked and Afraid (that may or may not be seen on the Discovery Channel). Survival shows are one thing, but seriously, do they have to get naked?

     I mean, had I watched that show, I may have been afraid to clear the slope in our backyard of wayward ground cover.

New addition to the Barbie Dreamhouse

New addition to the Barbie Dreamhouse

Finding holes with mummified bones of gophers, random skeletons of other critters, or nesting type materials, may have made me a bit skittish. I would have thought, “Well, at least I’m not naked,” as I put on my closed-toed shoes and changed from capris sweatpants to an old pair of Mom Jeans.

     And had I watched that show, I would have reminded myself that our local fire department is only a block away and certainly they have an anti-venom for rattlesnake bites – more than I could say for those naked survivalists. I presume, as, of course, I wouldn’t watch a show like that, right?

     I wouldn’t have been able to console myself into thinking that if I got bit by a rattlesnake, at least it wouldn’t be as deadly as the fer-de-lance that, I must have overheard, bit the foot of the show’s producer and he almost died.

      So as I was saying, it’s a good thing I keep my nose in a book based on an imaginary land with imaginary characters or I might just go forth into the backyard with reckless abandon, taking unnecessary risks that could turn me into the Frightened Gardener – though not the Naked and Afraid Gardener. That’ll be the spin-off show. Check your local listings.  

Shannon is the stay-at-home Mama of one. But don’t ask her what she does all day. Between volunteering in the PTA, coaching volleyball, gardening, carpooling, writing (cheap therapy), publishing a book, and the business of everyday life, she has one foot in and the other out of the Mamasylum. She loves visitors, so get a day pass and visit her at or You can also email her at

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