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February 22, 2014

My Date with Daniel Craig

     I don’t mean to namedrop, but once a year I have a date with Daniel Craig – you know, the best James Bond. Ever! Before you call TMZ, or E! or even my husband, we have an arrangement. You see, my kidlet’s school has a Father and

Not a bad looking car, either.

Not a bad looking car, either.

Daughter dance once a year. Rather than volunteer at it (see, Honey, I can say “no”), I graciously decline so that they can have their time together. She gets dressed up, he gets dressed up, and off they go.

     I use that time to live vicariously through a Bond Girl. Not the Bond Girls who curl, though they are just as fabulous! Rather, the girls who are adored by James Bond and he risks everything to rescue. Now, here’s where the fantasy ends. They usually die, he forgets about them in the next installment, and moves on – scarred, but smarter.

     I suppose some would say I should be watching a film that exhibits awe-inspiring women who are empowered and independent; who don’t need a man to fulfill their dreams; who can take on the wrongs in society and make the offenders accountable for their actions; who sacrifice themselves for others.

     I could do that, but it basically comes down to this: Daniel Craig is hot! And we all have guilty pleasures, right?! Now I gotta go. Can’t keep Daniel waiting.

     Feel free to let me know if I’m alone out here with my guilty pleasures. But if you don’t think Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, well, we can agree to disagree. 

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  1. Of course he is the best James Bond! And, I think you end up on a date with him more than once a year 😉 But who could blame you, he is far sexier than we housewives can handle. At least your husband doesn’t tell you you start acting like a teenage girl when a new Bond movie comes out. Enjoy!

    Comment by Mirissa — February 22, 2014 @ 2:45 am

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